Today was supposed to be writing workshop (every Tuesday & Thursday), however we were in the library yesterday and did not get to do our reading workshop. Due to this we had reading workshop today and we will return to our schedule tomorrow. This means that tomorrow will also be a reading workshop day.

The students are demonstrating that they can make inferences right now using their greek mythology book. They are citing the evidence from the text, listing their prior knowledge and then making an inference. This will better allow me to see that they are understanding this standard and can “read between the lines.” It is something that good readers do naturally and we just need to practice it.

I have not started meeting with small groups yet because I wanted to first get everyone set-up with books and clarify as needed how to make inferences. I am looking over their Interactive Student Notebooks (ISN’s) today and tomorrow to see if they are struggling with this skill or if it is easy for them. I will then start small groups and pull groups in for mini lessons that may need to have this skill retaught. If they have mastered inferencing we can move on to another standard.

I think they are really enjoying reading and writing workshop so far! It has been great to be able to work with students one-on-one as I walk around the classroom and help them.

As you can tell from Infinite Campus, I currently do not have a lot of grades in the gradebook. This is due to the beginning of the year rules and procedures, library days, MAP days, assemblies, setting up reading workshop so it will run smoothly, etc. You should anticipate seeing a lot more grades going into the gradebook after today–usually two or three a week.

I hope to see many of you tonight at Open House from 6:00-7:30 PM.


Read 20 minutes of your realistic fiction book to prepare for your book talk on Friday, September 27! Remember, this is considered a “project” and counts the same as a test. Please review the book talk guidelines that can be found under “Book Talk” at the top of the blog.

~Mrs. Finley