We had a fantastic day today!

2nd and 3rd hour went to the Eagle Creek Public Library. The librarians greeted us the moment we stepped off of the bus and led us into the conference room to discuss how books were organzied at the library and all that the library had available for us to use. I think many students were surprised to learn about the ebook download and that if they had a library card they could get ebooks on their device and keep the book for 7 days or 14 days and then electronically return the book! Many students also found out that they have digital magazines now for check out!

I was really surprised that they had a tutoring service available where you can ask questions and have one-on-one tutoring electronically. I was also happily surprised to find out that they had a foreign language electronic tutor to help with Spanish, Chinese, French, and as some of the kids pointed out even pirate! HA!

We then briefly toured the library and were shown the teen fiction area, however many of the books for middle schoolers may also be in the juvenille area so we also looked around there.

5th hour and 7th hour are going tomorrow in the morning so we will have an alternative schedule. I will take 5th hour from 10:10-10:45 and 7th hour from 11:05-11:40. In the afternoon I will then see 2nd hour and 3rd hour. This is due to the fact that the Fayette Co. buses have to be back by 1:30 to begin the pick-up and drop-off for the elementary school kids.

During 5th hour and 7th hour today we continued our original myth. We worked on developing the antagonist or the “bad” character. Students had to think about the character and whether they wanted them to be a god or goddess in their myth, a monster (cyclops, etc.) or a human. They are having a lot of fun making up these myths!



Read 20 minutes in  your realistic fiction book.

Remember to begin to prepare your book talk by using the book talk guidelines under the “Book Talk” tab.

If a student normally in 5th hour or 7th hour did not turn their permission slip in to me because they lost it I can accept a handwritten parent note that says, “______________(student name) has permission to go to the Eagle Creek Public Library with Mrs. Finley’s class by bus.” Then just a parent signature with a date works.

I need all permission slips turned in to me by 1st hour tomorrow so that I can create the bus manifest of who will actually be on the bus to give to the bus driver.


~Mrs. Finley