Happy Friday!

Today 5th and 7th hour went to the Eagle Creek Library. The librarian spoke with the students about all that the public library has to offer when they get a library card. Several students brought their cards today and even checked out books! I think the free wi-fi was enticing to many students and to find out that they can print at the library or bring their own device and sit at a table to do their own work. The public libraries are so inviting and a great place for students to quietly read or study for a class.

A big perk: With a library card you can check out up to 35 books at one time! I know some of my students are avid readers and would love to check out more than one at a time.

Returning a book is also a breeze! Many of the libraries have a drop box outside of the library to help with making returns easily. I know that the Beaumont library has a drive through to drop off books and the Eagle Creek library has a book drop right in the glass front door.

2nd and 3rd hour did the same activity that 5th & 7th hour did yesterday. We continued to work on our writing piece and developing the antagonist character for our original myth. Many students finished this assignment early and asked if they could read their greek mythology book or their realistic fiction book. I am so happy to see all of the classes developing a love for reading! 🙂

If the students would like to get a jump on October’s book talk the genre is mystery or horror books.

Monday & Tuesday I will be out for the Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC) project (http://www.literacydesigncollaborative.org/). This is something that the Science and Social Studies teachers in the building will also be attending later this month. Therefore, the students will have a substitute and I expect them to be on best behavior. Please give your student a heads up about the substitute because I was not able to talk about this with all of the classes today.



Read 20 minutes every day.

Prepare for your realistic fiction book talk that is Friday, September 27. Please see the tab at the top of the blog marked “Book Talk” to look over the Book Talk Guidelines and the rubric that is posted.


~Mrs. Finley