I am sorry to post this so late, however I had an appointment after school and am just now getting home.

As I mentioned on Friday, I have been out of the classroom the past two days for Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC) training with my Language Arts colleagues. I missed the kids a lot so it was great to be back today! Even better, all classes had a glowing report from the substitute teacher–and I had two different subs! One on Monday and one on Tuesday! 🙂

Today in class I answered all questions related to the book talk that is on Friday. Many students are a little nervous about standing in front of their peers and how this was going to be graded. I reminded them again to look over the rubric on the blog and I had some extra book talk guidelines (which are also on the blog at the top of the page under “book talk”) that many students picked up.

You will probably notice a new grade in Infinite Campus for the student ISN journals. I was able to go through 2nd and 3rd hours journals over the weekend. I have been telling the students I will do this one or two times each grading period to check to ensure that they are up-to-date. I give them class time to do this and I show them my journal on the screen and we do this together. Therefore, I think it is important that they continue to keep up with this journal since we do it together. I did have many students who still did not have everything filled out or were missing notes, therefore they did not receive the full 100 points. I will do another check in 3 weeks so they will need to add anything they are missing.

For the last little bit of class we were able to discuss figurative language. In 7th hour I was able to pull a small group together to begin using a graphic organizer and practice modeling identifying figurative language in a book with them. They will continue tomorrow on their own practicing using their greek mythology book. I will continue to also pull small groups in and work on this over the next few days.


Prepare for book talk on Friday, September 27!

~Mrs. Finley