I am so excited for our book talks tomorrow! I can’t wait to see the kids present their book “commercials” to their peers. I know a few students told me that they were nervous for tomorrow and I talked to a few of them about just trying to relax and that it is just something we need to practice every month. I will grade their speech according to the rubric, however I know that the first few times the students will be more nervous than they probably will be in May after having done nine book talks.

Today in class  we started looking more into figurative language. I modeled this with the students and then the students were set off on their own to work on identifying figurative language in their greek mythology book. We will continue this next week.


Prepare for your book talk tomorrow. Please review the guidelines on the blog under the “Book Talk” page and look at the rubric that is listed by class period.

~Mrs. Finley