Happy Friday everyone!

I was so excited to hear the students book talks today in class! Overall, the students did a wonderful job. Many had looked over the guidelines and the rubric and were prepared for today’s presentation. It was really evident who had practiced and read their book. I heard a few students say at the end of class that X student made them want to read the book too! That is exactly why I wanted to do the book talks! I am so glad that they are hearing about books and “selling” them to one another. Reading is contagious!

Unfortunately, we were unable to finish all of the presentations so we will have to continue on Monday. Monday is also our scheduled library day, however Ms. Butler is setting up the book fair so she has pulled books for us and I will share them with the students in class on Monday.

Students will be allowed to return their books to Ms. Butler in the library and if they know what book they want they will be allowed to go pick it up from the library, however they will not have browsing time. They can also let me know what book they want and I can pull it for them.


  • Begin to think about your next book talk. It will be on the mystery genre, however I have included horror books into this as well–most horror books usually have a mystery anyway.
  • Look on the school website under “media center” and click “catalog” to see if Ms. Butler has the book that you want to read.
  • Check the public library website at http://www.lexpublib.org and see if they have it available for you. Remember, they also have lots of electronic copies of books too that you can download right onto your device.
  • Don’t forget to read this weekend for 20 minutes, even if you don’t have a book picked out yet. Grab a magazine or a news paper that will be a bit challenging for you and build your vocabulary (but remember, not too challenging…try to use the “just right books” we talked about in class. Think of Goldilocks when finding a book.)

~Mrs. Finley