I wanted to share a few pictures from our recent library visit. I am not that great with photo editing but I didn’t want to put student faces on the internet so I put a black circle over faces of the students. I wish I could have just blurred their faces but that is a tutorial I’ll have to figure out later so I just went with what was easy.


This is the conference room where the librarian showed us how to use the catalog online and reserve books. The students were really attentive and did a great job!

image (4)

image (9)

Next, the students did a multiple choice match game that the librarians created. They matched the different genres to their definitions, went over the dewey decimal system, card catalog, etc.

Here are two students working together on the matching worksheet.

Blog pic of Kids Working 3

More students paired up and working.

Blog pic of kids working 2

Blog Pic of Kids Working

On Friday, I also started taking photos of each student with the book that they discussed for their book talk. My goal is to have a picture with every student every month. I’m going to print these out and put them on a poster in the classroom.

That means that each month students can see 115 pictures of their friends and what their friends read for the month. My goal is that instead of the book talks just staying in one class that students can then talk to one another about the books that they read and see if they might like it too! I’m going to continue to add to these, so after 9 book talks this year the students will see over 1,000 photos with different books!

Hopefully it will inspire them to read a new book and to talk to one another more about books!

Here are just a few of the pictures that I’ve taken so far:

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