Today in class we finished up the book talks that started on Friday. For October’s book talk I will begin them on a Thursday and that way we can finish up on a Friday.

I was able to share some mystery/horror genre books with most classes. 7th hour I was only able to share 1 book due to so many book talks needing to finish up.

Overall, the students did a great job with their book talk presentations. I think the hardest part for them to realize is that it is a presentation and not just a summary of their book or reading off of their notes. Students really need to practice engaging the audience by scanning around the room with their eyes as they speak, speaking up so that the whole audience can hear the speaker, and, in some cases, slowing down and enunciating so that we can clearly hear what you are saying.

I didn’t expect perfection from the first book talk but I think that students are able to see some areas that we can work on throughout the year as they continue to prepare for these book talks. The more the student practices at home really does make a difference in the classroom when the nervousness sometimes begins to settle in. I encourage the students to continue to practice in front of the mirror or even practicing in front of their parent, siblings, etc.

Tomorrow we are taking the Explore practice test during 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th & 7th hours. Students will still have 1st and 4th hour exploratory classes.

The Explore test is a test they will take in September of 8th grade. Therefore, it really reflects what students learn in 7th grade. I talked with the classes about the importance of this test and how important it is to take it seriously so that their teachers could see what we needed to work on this school year. The entire test is multiple choice. Teachers will receive the results back in a few weeks and we can use this information to help us work with students individually and in small groups.



Bring a book for explore testing tomorrow. Ideally this should be the mystery/horror book that you will give your book talk on at the end of the month.

Read 20 minutes tonight.


~Mrs. Finley