Today was an extremely busy day!

Students attended their 1st and 4th hour exploratory classes. For 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th, and & 7th hour they were in their testing group the whole time to take the Explore practice test.

The first test was on English (mostly grammar, mechanics, etc.) and then they took math. After 4th hour they took the Reading test and the Science. Each section was 30 minutes and it was all multiple choice.

Every student was then asked to take a survey of questions based on their current interests so that the Explore test can match them with future careers they may be interested in.

If your student was out today and missed Explore testing they will be making it up on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday of next week before fall break. The counselors will pull the students down and have them take whatever parts of the test that they missed.

Just a gentle reminder that tomorrow I will be taking all of the classes down to the book fair for 15-20 minutes. Students that bring money with them will have time to purchase items. They will need to bring cash or a check. Mrs. Butler cannot accept credit cards without an adult being present.



Read 20 minutes of your mystery/horror book tonight to prepare for your next book talk.


~Mrs. Finley