Wow! The week is flying by! I can’t believe it is Wednesday!

Today I took the students to the library for the book fair. Overall, they did a great job and were very respectful. Many students found some new books that they are excited to read. I know some students already said they planned on coming back to the library later this week now that they know what they want to buy. Just a reminder, the book fair ends on Friday, October 4.

By the time we left the book fair and went back to class we only had 10-15 minutes left. My 2nd hour classes grabbed their greek books to practice figurative language. However, it seemed like it wasn’t enough time because once they got the books, ISN journals and got settled in to read we had to pack up neatly. Therefore, with my other classes I opted to share some more mystery/horror genre books that they could read for their October book talk. My 7th hour also finished the book talks.

Time really seems to fly in the classroom! I am going to give them the whole class period tomorrow to continue to practice figurative language using their greek book. I will continue to meet with students individually and in small groups.


Read 20 minutes of your mystery/horror book to prepare for your October book talk.

~Mrs. Finley