Today I conferenced briefly with almost every student regarding their book talk for this month. Many of the students had already selected a book for this month’s genre. I am very loosely using the genres for each month. I would like for the students to try out a new genre, however if they really want to read the second book in a series I can usually accept it as some type of a mystery book even if it is not a stereotypical mystery book where someone is solving a case through clues, etc. I would rather have the students pick out something they love than read a book simply because they have to read a book. I have told every class, if you don’t like a book, don’t read it. Simple as that. If you read half of it and hate it drop it and find something else. It is really about nurturing their love of reading that I’m focused on right now.

Most students had their books already selected, as mentioned above, however I did have to spend some time with a few to help them find some books. Many of the students are new to me this year so I’m not 100% sure about their interests so it takes me a little longer to see what type of book they want to read. As I get to know the students, and those that I had last year, I am able to think of books off the top of my head that students would probably like. Hopefully as they continue to read this month I will get an even better idea of their interests to help match them with books that they will like.

I am urging the students to carry their book to all of their classes. In our classroom they have almost the entire class period to read. Many are then putting the book up in their locker, however if they carry their books they will find moments in almost any class when they should be able to catch a few minutes to continue to read. I know that in my mom’s Spanish class she has had to ask students a few times to put books away…which of course makes me smile. I remember trying to sneak those precious moments in when I was their age and I love that they are excited about reading! 🙂

The students focus was on figurative language today in their book…I explained to them that they can drop their greek book if they do not want to finish it out because we are about to wrap up that unit and will have the test on Friday, October 18. From this point on students will use their independent reading book as their book for class. For example, today they used their independent book to find similes, metaphors, onomatopoeia, etc. They are identifying them in their ISN in a graphic organizer and showing me the exact examples so if I question what it is we can look back at it together to analyze it more.

Tomorrow I plan on conferencing one-on-one for a few minutes to check to make sure they are getting figurative language. If not, then I will pull them in for another quick mini-lesson.



Read 20 minutes of your mystery/horror book to prepare for your book talk on Thursday, October 24!

Reminder: Tomorrow is the last day of the book fair! 


~Mrs. Finley