Today in class the students worked on writing the rough draft of their myth. Many of the students want my immediate feedback on their writing pieces and I am trying to wean them off of wanting me to read their work immediately and instead reread it first and make corrections on their own using a checklist. They are then having a peer edit their writing using the same checklist to give them feedback. After they have made these new corrections I will then look over their work to also offer feedback.

Thursday & Friday we will have our book talk presentations in class. I am assuming that these will carry over to Friday because we needed an extra day last month as well. If every student gives a 3 minute presentation or book “commercial” then it would take up roughly 90 minutes of class.

Monday is our scheduled library day. I’m going to share some fantasy and science fiction books with students in case they are looking for something new. They will also h ave the rest of the class period to check out books from Mrs. Butler.

Tuesday we will get right back to our rough draft writing and editing.


Read 20 minutes tonight to prepare for your book talk.

Prepare and practice your book talk presentation for Thursday/Friday. Be prepared to go on either day–if no one volunteers to go I will do a random draw so you need to be ready.

Start to think about your fantasy or science fiction book for the month of November. (Next book talk is scheduled for Thursday, November 21!)

~Mrs. Finley