*phew* It has been a busy week this past week! Sorry for not updating at the end of the week. Sometimes it just slips my mind and the last two days of the week were especially busy and I just never got a chance. I was lying in bed on Friday night around midnight when I realized I forgot to update. I mentally kicked myself and debated on getting on and blogging but told myself I’d do it on Saturday….that didn’t happen. Sorry!

Even though a few of the students still have to present their book talk in class I went ahead and shared some new books for the November fantasy or science fiction genre with the kids. Today was our library day so if they needed to go get a book I wanted to let them do that and I didn’t want to do that during presentations.

We watched a lot of book trailers. The one book the kids seemed really excited about is called The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey. It is very new…i.e. I believe it came out just over the summer. I have not read it yet but I have heard it is PG-13 due to some violence, bad language, etc. A parent had shared this website with me and so I looked up The 5th Wave to get the parent perspective of what is inside the book. Here is the link: http://www.commonsensemedia.org/book-reviews/the-5th-wave It does recommend the book for 13 and over but you can see exactly what is in the book that might be of concern.

As I have said before, Young Adult (YA) fiction is very hard to judge what is appropriate and not appropriate for thirteen-year-olds. Unfortunately, the bookstores consider YA to be middle school to high school so you are going to see a range of appropriateness in the books. I try to have a range of books in my bookshelf at school and if I know it might be questionable I try to ensure that the kids get parental permission beforehand.

Most of the students seemed to know what they wanted to read already…a lot are in the middle of a series and wanted to continue it for the book talk.

Tomorrow we will finish up book talk presentations! 🙂


Read at least 20 minutes of your fantasy or science fiction book for your November book talk.

Reminder: We are still collecting cans for the can drive. All the cans will be donated to God’s Pantry. 

Reminder: The Veteran’s day luncheon and program information can be found here: http://www.ejhayes.fcps.net/media/2287780/veterans%20day%20poster%20flyer%20for%202013%20word.pdf


~Mrs. Finley