Today in class we continued working on our rough draft myth from last week. Some of the students are getting behind because they may have taken longer brainstorming in class. I encouraged these students to take their writing folder home tonight and make sure they came to class with a rough draft tomorrow.

Most of the students are now typing and self editing their rough draft using an editing checklist I gave them. I am also going to model how to use this tomorrow with them.

The students do not realize how as writers we edit our writing daily. Even before I send an e-mail I try to reread it a few times to make sure it sounds the way I would like it to before I send it. If you have an opportunity, it would be great to show your student how you do this too! I basically do a think-aloud. As I write I talk outloud. Sometimes I will say, “Wait, that’s not what I mean…hmm, how do I want to say this? I then mark up my work and continue to edit.” The kids are starting to learn that as a writer I actually spend more time rereading and correcting my writing than anything else. It would be great if you too could share this with your student. 🙂


Read at least 20 minutes to prepare for your November fantasy or science fiction book talk.

Reminder, tomorrow is the last day for the can food drive. If you have any cans that you can donate plese have the student bring them in tomorrow.

~Mrs. Finley