Happy Friday!

Today in class we continued to work on our writing piece. I am trying to teach mini-lessons at the beginning of class as I notice corrections that were not made by the student or their peer during the editing process. Some of the most common corrections that I am finding is the verb usage is inconsistent in the sentence. Another issue that is very common is the tenses changing throughout the writing. For example, they begin in past tense but accidentally slip into present tense. These are easy fixes, however I am trying to help the peer editors get better at catching these mistakes. Ideally, I would like for the students to get to the point that when the drafts come to me we can work together on their specific needs, such as comma usage or sentence fragments, etc.

Many students took their writing folders home to work on this weekend. They need to bring them back on Monday. I would like for them to be typed and printed (or on a USB drive) so that they are read to begin the process of editing their own work and then having a peer edit their work.


Read at least 20 minutes of your fantasy or science fiction book to prepare for your book talk on Thursday, November 21 (20 days away!).

If you took your writing folder home, please continue to work on the rough draft of your myth. Be prepared to self edit and peer edit on Monday.

~Mrs. Finley