Good afternoon!

Today in class the students worked on their original myth that they have been writing. Last week we worked on this every day in class, therefore I am asking that the students have a typed rough draft tomorrow in class. I gave them time today to also work on this, but several students are still working on their piece. Homework tonight is to type their rough draft and to use the checklist to self edit their work. Every student was given a checklist to go through, however I attached it above just in case you needed another copy. There are a lot of questions to answer, however I have found that they are helpful for the students to reflect on as they look over their piece. They may add sentences in pencil, make corrections, change paragraphs, etc.

I still have a few students that have not found a book for their fantasy or science fiction book talk. I showed them on Friday how to use the online catalog again, in case they forgot. If your student still needs help and is not sure what books are available in the E.J. Hayes library you can look on the catalog from home at this website: You can then type science fiction or fantasy into the box and click “keyword.” It will then pull all the books that are in the library that fit that genre. This will also work for in future months. You can click on the book title and it will tell you what the book is about. Under format it will even tell you how many pages are in the book. If the book says 0 out of 1 available that means that all the copies are checked out.


Read at least 20 minutes to prepare for your book talk on science fiction or fantasy on Thursday, November 21.

Bring a typed rough draft to class tomorrow. Make sure you used the self edit checklist. Please highlight your 4 examples of figurative language so that they are easy for your peer to find. Be ready to peer edit tomorrow at the beginning of class.

~Mrs. Finley