Good evening!

Today we had reading workshop. The students made inferences as they read their science fiction or fantasy book. They had almost the entire class period (at least 35 minutes) to find a cozy spot and read their book while they worked on making inferences.

Many of the students have expressed that it is hard for them to stop and write something down when they are reading or that they get so absorbed in the book that they forget. I talked with them about the importance of reading with a purpose versus just reading for pleasure. I really want the students to start thinking more as they read about why the author made the choices they did with the language, format of sentences, punctuation, etc. We can learn so many lessons from these great writers and that can then influence the way that we write. Such as why the author incorporated figurative language in their writing and how that helps the reader create a better image in our mind.

Tomorrow is a writing workshop day. We will continue working on our original myth. I am conferencing with students one-on-one when they are ready (after a peer editor and corrections have been made). I prefer to sit with the student and look at the writing together so that we can discuss their writing. Over the years I have found that if I take their writing and make corrections it doesn’t help them on future drafts and many of them have questions that they don’t understand. Some of these conferences can take ten minutes so if a student is waiting to meet with me I will ask him/her to read. Therefore, they will still want to bring their book to class tomorrow so that they have something to work on.


Read at least 20 minutes of your fantasy/science fiction book for your book talk on Thursday, November 21.

Bring your book every day to class!

~Mrs. Finley