Good evening!

Today in class the students worked on writing their original myth. Many of them are waiting to talk to me about their writing to ask questions, get more feedback, look at punctuation, etc. The other students continued to work on their writing piece and to read their books quietly.

I am still pointing out little quick fixes to the students, such as how to add dialogue into your writing and what the format looks like. I pointed out book examples to the students where a new paragraph is given when someone is speaking and that the writer does not have to keep saying the words “he said” or “she said” each time someone speaks. We also looked at where the quotation marks belong and where to place commas, periods, question marks, etc.

Tomorrow is our reading workshop day so the students need to bring their fantasy or science fiction book to class. 


Read at least 20 minutes of your fantasy or science fiction book to prepare for your book talk on Thursday, November 21.

Some students took their writing folders home today. Please make sure to make revisions and to keep all of your rough drafts. Don’t throw any of them away. 🙂 

Tomorrow we have a pep assembly around 2:15. Mrs. Van Hoose reminded the students in 7th hour to please wear their Lions apparel. She also mentioned that t-shirts are still available to purchase if anyone would still like to purchase one. Students may also choose to wear gold and black (Lions team colors) to support our team at the pep assembly. It should be a very fun event!

~Mrs. Finley