Sorry for not blogging the past few days. Friday we had an assembly and I simply forgot to blog. Monday I was absent and Tuesday we had to stay late for the school spelling bee so I didn’t get home until late and it slipped my mind.

Today in class we practiced identifying character traits in our books. The students had to select one character and identify three character traits and give evidence from their book. I continued to have writing conferences because they are taking more time than I had hoped. The stories the kids have been writing are really imaginative and I am really impressed! I am hoping some of the students will consider submitted them for publication. I will post some more information on that later this week. 🙂


Book talk for fantasy or science fiction is on Thursday, November 21. Make sure to look over the book talk guidelines and the rubric that is posted under “Book Talks” on the blog website.

Read at least 20 minutes tonight.

~Mrs. Finley