Good evening!

Today was our writing day in class. The students worked on their original myth that they have been revising and editing. At this point, I talked to the students about stepping away from this writing piece for awhile after they have had a conference with me and have made the revisions that we decided on making. I feel that we have really given their myths a lot of our precious writing time and I would like to move on to another writing piece and revisit the myths at a later point in the year. The students seemed really excited about working on another writing piece and putting this one away for now.

Tomorrow is a reading day so students will need their books.


Read at least 20 minutes to prepare for the fantasy or science fiction book talk on Thursday, November 21.

Reminder, tomorrow is the school dance that the 7th grade teachers are hosting. Students can pay $3 at the door or bring in 3 canned goods and get in for free.


~Mrs. Finley