Happy Friday!

Today we had reading workshop and as we read our books we identified character traits about a character based on what they say, do, think, etc. I showed the students how to fill out a simple character trait graphic organizer so that they could show me their thinking as they read and then they had at least 20 minutes to read in class. We will finish up this activity on Monday.

The seventh grade teachers hosted the dance after school. It was a lot of fun to see the students relaxed and outside of the classroom environment.


Read at least 20 minutes each night to continue to build your reading stamina and vocabulary.

Begin to prepare the presentation for the book talk on Thursday, November 21 on a fantasy or science fiction book. I encouraged the students to begin planning this early so they will have plenty of time to rehearse and get comfortable enough so that they can be more engaging with the audience.

~Mrs. Finley