Happy Friday!

I can’t even believe that November is almost over already. Where has the year gone?!

I wanted to let you know about our exciting news at Hayes. Mr. Williams, eighth grade math teacher, has been developing a new homework website. The goal is to have all of the homework in one place for the three years your student is at Hayes instead of having to go through each team website. This was just launched this week but I anticipate that teacher’s will begin using it this next week. You can check out the E.J. Hayes Homework Hotline at the following website: http://ejhayes-homeworkhotline.weebly.com/ 

We continued our book talks in class today. We are almost finished! I have two classes that have finished book talks and two classes that are very close to finishing (these are the two largest classes so that is really not a surprise).

My goal on Monday, our library day, is to share some great nonfiction books with the students to help them prepare for their December book talk. They will have to choose something quickly since they will only have 3 weeks before their December book talk.



Read at least 20 minutes.

I encouraged the students that if they finish their nonfiction book early to go ahead and write their book talk while it was still fresh in their memory. 🙂 


Have a great weekend!

~Mrs. Finley