Day 1 of a 2 day week is done! The students are so excited for their upcoming Thanksgiving break.

Today I shared some nonfiction books with the students for their December book talk. I am hoping that many of them can get a jump start on their reading since it is such a short month before they do their book talk. The book talk guidelines should still fit, with the exception of a few of them. Most of the book talk guidelines can be applied to a book regardless of the genre. Even book talk #7 To Read or Not to Read This Book (a lot of the students favorite) can still fit for this book talk.

I would like to tentatively set the book talks for Wednesday, December 11 that way if we need the 12th or 13th we can still use those days. That means that the students have 16 days until their next book talk. I should note that many of their nonfiction books are shorter than the fiction books so I’m sure that this is ample time for them to be able to complete their book talk by the deadline. I have urged them to go ahead and write their book talk if they finish their book early so that they are writing it when it is still fresh in their head.



  • Read at least 20 minutes of your nonfiction book to prepare for your December book talk.


~Mrs. Finley