Today in class  we started a practice on-demand writing piece. My goal was to give the students a few strategies on how to tackle the on-demand writing in 45 minutes. Having to brainstorm a topic and write a 5 paragraph essay in such a short amount of time is really difficult for the kids and so it is something we need to continue to practice.

Tomorrow they will take an on-demand test in class for 45 minutes. I anticipate that they will do well, because this is not something that is new to them and we also reviewed it again today. The first topic that the seventh language arts teachers chose should also really help the students on their essay tomorrow because I feel it is something that they will be passionate about and have lots of ideas to write about. 🙂


Read at least 20 minutes to prepare for the nonfiction book talk on Wednesday, December 11.

Finish the on-demand writing piece as homework if you did not finish in class. This is due tomorrow.


~Mrs. Finley