Today in class we began our nonfiction book talks. Overall, the kids did a great job using the 3 weeks to prepare for the book talk. I know that they will be glad to have a little more time to prepare for the January book talk. 🙂

January’s genre is autobiography, biography or memoir. Students are free to get a jump start over winter break. I know several students are already asking because they are planning on visiting the public library to find a book they are interested in reading.

Tomorrow we will continue our books talks in class.


Read at least 20 minutes. If the student does not have a book to read they may even use their 20 minutes reading a magazine that is on grade level (not too easy; not too hard) or even the newspaper.

It is just important that students continue to practice reading and grow their vocabularies. It would also be great to support their vocabulary by asking them about any words they are unsure of as they read. Many students assume they know the definition and try to supplement their own without looking it up or asking someone. I am trying to encourage them to jot down the words they do not know so that they can remember to ask someone for clarification.

Practice for your book talk presentation tomorrow if you did not present today.


~Mrs. Finley