It was great to see all the kids today for the first day in 2014!

Today in class we journaled and discussed our winter break in class. This was one way that I thought the students could all share something that they did over break since they are always excited to see one another. I always like to do this after a long break since I know they are eager to share.

We also reviewed the classroom and school rules and procedures. We have had many new stuents join the class so I thought this would also be a good refresher course for all of the students.

Just a reminder, we will be MAP testing next week. 2nd and 5th hour begin on Tuesday.


  • Read at least 20 minutes.
  • Students need to select an autobiography, biography or memoir for their January book talk.
  • Our Library day is on Monday so students needs to bring back their library books and will be allowed to check out a book for their January book talk.