Today we discussed more books in class.

2nd hour got to watch the book trailers and were able to check out library books from me (since MAP testing is ongoing in the library) for their January book talk. Most students were able to find a book during class. A few told me that they already had a book.

3rd hour was a bit messed up today. Up until 1st hour this morning I was told that they would be MAP testing. Unfortunately, due to the snow days things got shifted and so they did not get to MAP test today. I preferrred this anyway since I didn’t have a chance to really even share this with the kids yet. So in class I passed out the Scholastic Book orders and we discussed the next couple of month’s book genres…

February is Historical Fiction

March is Fantasy

April was supposed to be Poetry. Unfortunately, our school library does not have enough books that fall into these categories. After some debate I decided that this can be another FREE choice month–any genre. I will incorporate poetry into some mini lessons with the students so that we don’t miss out on learning this other form of writing. 🙂

May is free choice. Any genre.

Bearing that in mind, I encouraged the kids to go ahead and start thinking about books they want to read that are on their TBR lists. If they choose to, they can go ahead and even order from Scholastic and set the books aside for the upcoming months. I may be a little biased here because the books that are ordered do help me get more classroom books for our classroom library use, however the deals are some of the best! For example, Scarlet & Cinder can be bought together for just $10. These are brand new paperbacks. I think I paid $8 just for Cinder from Half Price Books. Scarlet just came out this past year. Many of the girls who enjoyed Matched are also loving this new series.

In 5th hour and 7th hour we began discussing prefixes, suffixes and roots. This is something that I will be ramping up with 2nd and 3rd hour as well next week. Learning these will really help them to figure out words that they may not know.


ALL CLASSES are taking the reading MAP test with me on Monday, January 13th and Tuesday, 14th.




Read at least 20 minutes to prepare for the January book talk on January 30th.

Remind students to please bring their book to class tomorrow so that they can use classroom time to read and to help prepare them for their January book talk.


~Mrs. Finley