Sorry for not updating yesterday…ugh! I realized I hadn’t blogged after 11pm.

For the past two days we have been taking the MAP Reading test. Overall, I am over the moon with the scores that show their improvement! I have had a couple of students stay the same and even a couple fall by a point or two, but mostly what I am seeing is the scores are sky roketing. I have multiple students making double digit gains and some moving by “as little” as three points. I say “as little” because that is really a huge amount of growth. Afterall, the norm says that most students are at a 217 when they enter 7th grade and a 220 when they exit. 3 points in one whole school year, but many of the kids are making this gain and more in just 3 months!

The test gives me a lot of information on how to continue the progression so that students can continue to grow. The test is based on three different subcategories: literature, informational text and vocabulary. Vocabulary is the one item over and over that I am seeing is the lowest score. Not just defining what a word means, but being able to pick the word apart by the prefixes, suffixes and root words. Understanding what those prefixes mean and how they change the meaning of the word.

We are going to start looking more at vocabulary in the classroom…starting with prefixes.

I also have a few students that had lower literature or informational text scores. This means that I will probably meet with them more often right now and help them choose books for their book talks that they are interested in and are challenging.


Prepare for your biography, autobiography or memoir book talk on January 30. 


~Mrs. Finley