Today I wanted to give the kids a chance to dig into their books since we had not really had a chance yet due to the snow days and MAP testing. We practiced identifying the conflicts in the books and looking at how the character responds to the conflict and then the outcome of their response. I am sure that as they read they will learn lots of valuable life lessons through their characters and how they handled their problems.

Tomorrow we will wrap up this activity in class, therefore students need to make sure to bring their book to class. I hate to see them having the class period to read their book and not using that same book on their book talk. I’m trying to give them lots of class time to ensure that they are able to complete their presentations on time.

We have also discussed that the grading of the book talk presentations will get harder this month. Now that they are comfortable with their peers (since they have been together since August) I am looking for more eye contact as they talk to the class. Their body language should be more formal, not slouching against the board, but look relaxed and confident. Hopefully they have had enough practice doing this in class, but I encourage them to practice at home in front of family, friends, etc. The more you practice the more it will help with the public speaking. The rubric is posted under “Book Talks” on the blog website. You can click on any of the class periods and scroll down to see it. 


Read at least 20 minutes to prepare for the book talk presentation on January 30. 

~Mrs. Finley