It’s hard to believe we have almost completed our first 5 day week of school in 2014! The kids have been troopers this week with MAP testing and adjusting back to school after all of the snow day fun.

Today in class we finished up our reading and writing activity from yesterday. I also had some of the students complete their MAP testing on the computer. I am really blown away by their results! As of right now, I have only 10 students who dropped MAP points and only 5 that stayed the same. Some of these students already had extremely high scores, so I think it is really exposing them to more complex texts that are going to expand their vocabulary. I have noticed a pattern that most of the advanced students are needing to continue to read more informational texts to continue to grow. Unfortunately, this is what the majority of their tests are actually testing on, including the ACT in high school. For the general classes, vocabulary seems to be the bigger issue, with an emphasis on Latin prefixes, suffixes and root words.



Finish the problem/actions taken/outcomes worksheet if you did not finish and turn it in in class.

Read at least 20 minutes to prepare for your book talk presentation on January 30.


~Mrs. Finley