Happy Monday! It is great to be back on a school schedule today after so many snow days. 

Today in class we discussed flight, fight or freeze and the way that characters react to conflicts that they face. This is a paper that we will be working on in the next month so we really just discussed the terms and what they mean. I tried to get the kids to start brainstorming and thinking of examples from books, such as The Hunger Games and how Katniss responded to any problems that she faced, such as the ball of fire falling from the sky.

We discussed the book talks today in class. The students know that they should have been continuing to read on their biography/autobiography or memoir even though there were 4 snow days. Originally I had said that we would do the book talks on January 30, however I am willing to give them the weekend to finish preparing. Therefore, the book talks will be on Monday, February 3.

Fingers crossed we don’t have any more snow days so we can get out of school on June 5! 🙂



Read at least 20 minutes to prepare for the book talk on Monday, February 3.


~Mrs. Finley