Happy Tuesday! Hope everyone is staying warm today.

Today in class I gave the students some time to read in their books to prepare for their book talk. They often request not to have to do an activity while they read in their books. Today I let them have one of those free reading days. As long as they are reading they do not have to do an activity. If they decide not to read then I give them an activity to do as they read.

5th Hour has started looking at prefixes, suffixes and root words and will begin a weekly quiz beginning on Friday. For the other classes, I have decided to hold off and start this on Monday of next week. I saw a lot of students scores dropping on MAP because of their vocabulary score. A lot of this goes back to knowing how to dissect a word and knowing what some of the most common prefixes, suffixes and root words mean. We are going to start having weekly quizzes on Friday’s. So, in addition to the nightly reading, they may need to review their vocabulary nightly for 10 minutes. I will be giving them the word list on Monday and then a matching game on Tuesdays. We will also spend about 10 minutes in class reviewing every day. 🙂



All classes: Read at least 20 minutes to prepare for the book talk on MONDAY, February 3.

5th hour: Review vocabulary on ped to prepare for quiz this Friday!

~Mrs. Finley