Today in class we practiced the cause/effect/infer activity from yesterday. Many strudents are still struggling with inferences and are not sure the difference between an inference and a prediction. A lot of good are making inferences but are just unaware that that is what they are called. An inference is an educated guess based on the clues in the book. Many times we make inferences about a character’s personality based on what they say or do, but we are unaware that that is what we are doing. I’m trying to slow some of the students down so that they are aware of what inferences are. I think based on my discussions today with students we are going to practice inferencing some more tomorrow.



Cause/effect/infer graphic organizer if students did not turn it in in class.

Read at least 20 minutes to prepare for the book talk on Monday!

5th Hour: Study for the prefixes quiz tommorrow!


~Mrs. Finley