Happy Friday!

Today in class I tried to clear up the differences between predictions and inferences as I mentioned yesterday. I showed the students several video clips without words and made them make inferences by looking at the facial expressions, body language, etc. One of my favorite videos to share is “Defective Detective” where the detective actually makes the wrong inferences. The students need to understand that inferences can be wrong–good writers and movie makers will try to trick us and give us bad clues so we can’t figure out what is going to happen next. The better they get at reading the more likely they are to not fall for these tricks.

Some ways we make inferences:

  • Reading body language
  • Reading facial expressions
  • Hearing a tone of voice and knowing that someone is mad, happy, sad, etc.
  • Determining if the character in our book is rich, poor, etc. based on the clothing they wear, their living conditions, etc.
  • Determining our character’s job (when not told explicitly)
  • Determining if someone/character is ill based on our “clues”
  • In movies, we also make inferences by listening to the “sound effects”



Read at least 20 minutes to prepare for the book talk on Monday!

Start looking for a historical fiction book for February.


~Mrs. Finley