Today in class the students presented their book talk presentations. Unfortunately, not all students were prepared today and told me that they would be taking a late grade. I have already entered the grades of those that presented today. 

All of the classes will finish up tomorrow, or if we have a snow day, the following day. 

I will share some historical fiction books with students as soon as we finish the book talk presentations, however I have encouraged the students to start looking into a book that they might be interested in reading. The Book Thief is one that many students are enjoying right now, particularly with the recent movie release. Fever 1793 and Boy in the Striped Pajamas are two other highly

recommended historical fiction books.




Read at least 20 minutes to prepare for your historical fiction book talk on Monday, March 3.

5th hour: Study vocabulary words for your quiz on Friday.

Afternoon classes: Bring back the permission slip to watch clips from The Hunger Games as soon as possible.


~Mrs. Finley