Hi all! I have been out ill the past two days, hence the reason why I have not updated the blog.

The students have been discussing fight, flight and flee. Yesterday they read an article about how people respond when faced with these situations. I thought the article was really great and had lots of information that I felt the students could add to their essay.

Today we watched clips from the movie Hunger Games. I still had a handful of students who did not have permission slips so I sent them out and let them read their historical fiction book in another classroom. The students that were in class with me were able to watch 3-4 clips. We have about 5 more to go but I am hopeful we can finish them up tomorrow in class. We are talking a lot and taking notes as we watch the clips so that they have their notes ready to help them next week when they write.

On Tuesday I also gave the students a list of 10 vocabulary words to study and prepare for their first vocabulary quiz on Friday. Yesterday, the substitute had the kids play a matching vocabulary game during class. The students cut apart the words and could practice matching them. They were to keep these to help them study for the quiz tomorrow. The quiz will have fill in the blank and multiple choice sentences and asks that the student apply the correct vocabulary word to the sentence. 

I have given out lots of historical fiction books so all students should have one at this point. I have also told them if they did not like their book to look at the EJH school website and go to the media center’s catalog. They can search (even from home) “historical fiction” and find 500 books in the school library to choose from. I am confident that with so many books available they will be able to find one that appeals to them.



Study vocabulary words and definitions for your quiz tomorrow.

Read at least 20 minutes to prepare for the historical fiction book talk on Monday, March 3.


~Mrs. Finley