Today in class we had our vocabulary quiz. I’ve already scored the quizzes and entered them into Infinite Campus. If a student was absent today they will make it up when they return next week.

We continued to watch the Hunger Games clips. One class was able to finish and the other two classes are close–I think we have 1 clip left to watch. Unfortunately, with the early dismissal I didn’t get to do this activity with 7th hour, so we will try to finish up on Monday.

We have not had as much reading time in class this week and will probably only have 2 reading days next week due to working on our writing piece. Therefore, it is crucial that students are reading their historical fiction book at home so they can still give their book talk on Monday, March 3.


I will send the new vocabulary list home on Monday with the students for their quiz on Friday.



Read at least 20 minutes to prepare for the historical fiction book talk on Monday, March 3.


~Mrs. Finley