Today in class we began thinking about our essay and we discussed our thesis statement. 7th hour is a little behind because of the 1 hour early dismissal on Friday so we did not get to this activity–instead they were watching clips from the movie The Hunger Games as we filled out our graphic organizer.

All classes received a new vocabulary list today. They should begin to study these 5-10 minutes every night to prepare for their quiz on Friday.

This week is going to be a big writing week since we need to work on our essay. I’m going to spend all of this week just getting the students brainstorming. That means that I am not designating any day this week for reading–students will have to make sure they are getting their 20 minutes in each night at home so they are ready for their book talk. Next week we will get back to our pattern of reading 3 days a week and writing 2 days a week.


Read at least 20 minutes to prepare for the historical fiction book talk on Monday, March 3.

Study the new vocabulary to prepare for Friday’s quiz.


~Mrs. Finley