Today in class we played a few vocabulary review games. The students first practiced with their table groups and played with the “I have/who has” vocabulary cards. After this warm-up I had the boys v. girls review game of vocabulary. I wrote the words on the board and one boy and one girl would go up and after I read the definition they had to turn around and “smack” the correct vocabulary word. It was very fun to see the kids get to into the game. 

After our vocabulary games we had 20 minutes of class left and so we worked on our essays. Many students are still writing out their rough draft, although I have moved some on to the computers. I find it easier to get ahead and get the kids to type up their rough draft before I look at it. It makes it easier for me to read and the kids will often fix some of the minor mistakes as they type. It also makes corrections really easy for them! 

Tomorrow we will have our vocabulary quiz and keep working on our essay. 


Read at least 20 minutes to prepare for the historical fiction book talk on Monday, March 3 (11 days!).

Study for the vocabulary quiz tomorrow.

~Mrs. Finley