Happy Friday!

Today in class we had our vocabulary quiz. Overall, the students did a great job. The quizzes get harder because the word root is similar so it is really crucial that the kids keep up the studying. So long as they study 10 minutes every day I am sure that they will do well on their quiz. I’ve already graded and added the quizzes to Infinite Campus and they will get the quiz back on Monday.

For the remainder of the class period we continued to work on our essay. Most classes had 40 minutes to work on their rough draft. A few students took them home to work on them, however I told them on Monday I would be checking their rough drafts to see that they had written 5 paragraphs (at least) for a grade. The students that took them home promised to have them returned on Monday for this grade.


Read at least 20 minutes to prepare for the book talk on Monday, March 3 (10 days!).

Work on your essay (if you took it home) and make sure to bring it back on Monday!


~Mrs. Finley