Today we started class by playing a vocabulary word sort. The students cut apart the vocabulary word and definitions and then matched them. It is a great review activity for the kids and I encouraged them to keep their cards to help them study this week.

The rest of the class time was spent working on our writing piece, typing, conferencing with students, etc. If students were waiting on a conference then they were reading or studying their vocabulary.

Tomorrow I am out at a district meeting regarding the writing piece that we are currently working on so the kids will have a substitute. I’ve already talked to the students about expectations for substitute behavior, etc. so they know I’ll be out tomorrow.


Study for the vocabulary quiz on Friday.

Read at least 20 minutes to prepare for the historical fiction book talk on Monday, March 3. (You can also start thinking of a fantasy book for March’s book talk.)

If you took your essay home to work on it make sure to bring it back to class tomorrow.

~Mrs. Finley