Today in class we reviewed our vocabulary words by playing a card game of “I has/who has” at our tables.

Afterwards we continued to work on our essays in class. I was able to conference with lots of students about their writing and many are now making final corrections and submitting them for a grade.

Because of the snow day yesterday the meeting to discuss the LDC writing pieces the kids have been working on will be rescheduled for some time in the next few weeks.


Study for the vocabulary quiz tomorrow.

Prepare for the book talk on Monday, March 3 (4 days!). I’ve discussed with the students that in the event that Monday was a snow day we would begin book talks on Tuesday. If Monday and Tuesday were both snow days we would begin on Wednesday. They know that we will begin the next school day with book talks.

Bring back your essay–if you took it home to work on it.

~Mrs. Finley