Wow! What a week of snow days.

Today in school we had shortened classes due to the 2-hour delay. Each class was only 30 minutes long. I let the students know that we would begin book talks tomorrow since classes were so short today. I wanted to also go ahead and get some books in the kids hands for the March book talks on Monday, March 31. The genre is fantasy. Many students were able to select books today and I will continue to share some. Mrs. Butler, the school librarian, also has over 500 fantasy books in the school library. Students can go to the library page: type in “Fantasy” and select “keyword.” They can then see all 515 books she has available.

Tomorrow we will begin book talks!


Prepare for the historical fiction book talk tomorrow.

Read at least 20 minutes to prepare for the fantasy book talk on Monday, March 31.

~Mrs. Finely