Good afternoon!

Today at school we continued our book talk presentations on Thursday. The students have enjoyed hearing one another discuss their books and are asking really good questions to their peers about their books. Some of the books they heard were also considered fantasy books so I think that they will have an easy time with this month’s genre.

I just realized that the March book talk I had set for Monday, March 31 is actually the first day of Spring Break! Therefore, I am going to move the date back to Thursday, March 27 so that we can finish before Spring Break.


Read at least 20 minutes to prepare for the book talk on March 27!

2nd hour: Bring back completed writing pieces tomorrow. These must be typed and printed. (Remember, you can print at school in the library before school)

5th hour: Study for your review vocabulary quiz on Friday.

NO VOCABULARY FOR 2nd, 3rd or 7th hour this week!

~Mrs. Finley