Today we had a lot of students out for band assessment at UK. We reviewed character traits in class and discussed adjectives. The students will have to identify adjectives in sentences on their test on Thursday. This should be a review from elementary school and even 6th grade.


  • Read at least 20 minutes to prepare for the fantasy book talk on Thursday, March 27.
  • Study for the vocabulary quiz on Friday.
  • We will have a Language Arts test on Thursday. It will cover the following material:
  •           Personification
  •           Mood & Tone
  •           Summarizing
  •           Symbolism
  •           Point of View
  •           Identifying adjectives in a sentence
  •           Cause & Effect
  •           Compare & Contrast characters
  •           Irony: Dramatic, situational and verbal
  •           Conflict: Internal and external
  •           Theme

~Mrs. Finley