Good evening!

I apologize for not posting on Tuesday. It was just another one of those times where school was just super busy and I completely forgot to blog.

Wednesday I was out for a meeting with all the Language Arts teachers in the building. The kids knew this ahead of time that I would be out on Wednesday. Overall they were very good for the substitute and had a great day. She took them to the book fair for most of the class period to browse books and they had a chance to prepare for their book talks.

Today we started our book talk presentations in class. We will finish up tomorrow.

I have started ending 4th quarter grades. Right now I just have the test we took and the book talks that presented today. I have not had an opportunity to go over the test with the students yet because of orchestra being out on the day that we tested and trying to get make-ups finished. I now have all of the students finished so we will go over the test after Spring Break.

Note: 3rd quarter report cards went home today with students during 7th hour.

Tomorrow we will not have 6th hour because we will have team rewards at the end of the day! What a great way to kick off Spring Break!



Read at least 20 minutes to prepare for your book talk on Thursday, April 24.


~Mrs. Finley