Today in class we reviewed vocabulary that will be in our reading tomorrow. We discussed what the words mean and came up with example sentences that included these words. I am not going to test the students on the words that are in our reading, but I wanted to make sure the students had some knowledge of the words before our reading.

I gave vocabluary lists to 5th and 7th hour…but forgot to give them to my 2nd and 3rd hour. 2nd and 3rd hour will get the list tomorrow and I will not quiz them on the words until Monday. 5th & 7th hour will take the quiz on Friday.

I told the students my exciting news today…my husband and I are expecting and are due around October 6!


5th & 7th hour: Study the vocabulary list for the quiz on Friday.

Read at least 20 minutes to prepare for the book talk on Monday, April 28.

Turn in the extra credit thank you notes by Thursday!

7th hour: Write an example sentence for each of your vocabulary words…due Thursday!

~Mrs. Finley