Happy Friday!

Today in class we practiced identifying analogies. The students are already getting better at finding the relationship in the pairs and choosing the correct answer. This is an important skill that I told them would continue into high school and be on the ACT and the SAT college entrance tests.

We also took our vocabulary quiz for the week. It was obvious many students studied and that our review game yesterday helped us remember the new words. I’ve been updating Infinite Campus with the new quiz grades after they took their test.

The remainder of class time was spent giving them independent reading time. Since we took the quiz and had some analogy practice I let them have some free reading time. Some of them are turning into reading machines! Several kids have told me they have already finished their April book and are reading a book for May. 🙂 There is no book talk for June since we are only at school the first week.


Read at least 20 minutes to prepare for the book talk on Monday, April 28.

~Mrs. Finley