Today in class we read the article “Saving The World One Click At A Time.” We had some great discussion on how we could help poverty by donating to charities. The article specifically talks a lot about FreeRice. This is a great vocabulary website where students can play by correctly matching the vocabulary word with the definition. Each time they get an answer correct 20 grains of rice are donated to a family in need in another country. The vocabulary words are also fantastic! They words get progressively harder so you will start to see tougher vocabulary matches as the students get more of them correct. I highly encourage students to play this if they ever have 5 or even 10 minutes every night. A lot of the students enjoy the game and enjoy knowing that their donations are going to someone in need.



Read at least 20 minutes to prepare for the book talk on Monday, April 28 (6 days!).

Study for the vocabulary quiz on Friday.


~Mrs. Finley