Today in class we continued to make revisions on our rough drafts. Several students have now finished but I still have quite a few that are not. We will plan on finishing up tomorrow. 🙂 

The 7th grade Language Arts teachers had decided to give our unit test on Friday, however we felt like it might be too much testing due to MAP testing, KPREP testing and then final exam studying. So, we decided to have the unit test as part of the final exam. This will also give us another day in class to continue reviewing.

Due to some technical difficulties with MAP testing for the other classes our MAP testing has moved by one day. Instead of testing Monday and Tuesday we will now test Tuesday and Wednesday. It is important that students do their best on this test because the scores will be used to determine placement for 8th grade Language Arts classes.



Read at least 20 minutes to prepare for the book talk on Thursday, May 29.


~Mrs. Finley